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General Medical Group provides rock-solid advice that has proven to work. Our senior-level staff has the in-depth industry experience to plan successfully, whatever your situation. We move effectively from vision to business details. In the process, our company transfers its knowledge and skills to your team, so your results last beyond our engagement.

24-hour Physician Staffing

In today's healthcare market, organizations often utilize a variety of medical staffing agencies to recruit its needed workforce. General Medical Group handles the recruitment, screening, credentialing, and the eventual placement of highly-qualified physicians in various clinical environments. We collaborate with our client hospitals and our contracted physicians to deliver the highest quality of patient care. We work with our clients to determine appropriate staffing models and define concise physician job duties to produce positive service results in such qualitative measures as patient, staff and physician attitudes, and satisfaction.

Executive Management

General Medical Group has a very collaborative management style that utilizes a team approach with the board, management, and medical staff to provide solid, experienced leadership. This is accomplished through comprehensive strategic and organizational planning, significant physician participation and involvement, and frequent and consistent employee communication. General Medical Group provides onsite management by selecting well qualified executive leaders. We have a proven process for helping to recruit and retain high-quality, motivated healthcare professionals. The process includes matching candidates with the goals and objectives of an organization.

Organizational Design and Development

The turbulent physician climate of the past decade has led many physician groups to rethink their organizational structures in response to changing economics or market conditions. As experts in physician practice management, General Medical Group is frequently called upon to facilitate the creation or redesign of physician organizations. These assignments leverage General Medical Group expertise across the full spectrum of physician business issues, including governance structures, funds flow/compensation issues, management and organizational design, billing and operations, and ownership structures.

Strategic Planning

General Medical Group offers hospitals expert consultation and guidance throughout the planning process. As a part of each planning engagement, General Medical Group professionals analyze market data, interview board, medical staff, and management team members, perform a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, work with the hospital’s strategic planning committee to plan the retreat, develop consensus, and complete the plan. Strategic services facilitate the planning retreat and develop a draft plan.


General Medical Group Financial Services provide in-depth financial management and consulting services to General Medical Group clients that allows hospitals to operate efficiently and increase financial strength by providing assistance in the following areas : financial oversight; operational reviews; long-term planning; revenue enhancement and patient financial services.


General Medical Group provides a customized approach to each of our clients to suit their individual needs and unique environment. Our team of experienced consultants, supported by data analysis professionals, will identify and implement recommendations to optimize department operations. We accomplish this optimization by providing results driven action plans, enabling your department/facility to realize goals and operational optimization efficiently. Our client-focused and tailored approach to operational assessments and implementation provides our clients with an edge in the marketplace.

Information Technology

Information technology is critical to the overall operation and financial success of a hospital because it directly affects patient fiscal services and ultimately impacts provision of clinical care. General Medical Group has developed a comprehensive technology evaluation process that reviews not only operational aspects of technology support for both clinical and financial systems, but also evaluates security processes related to HIPAA requirements. The review enables General Medical Group to generate a report highlighting opportunities for technology improvements, as well as critical recommendations mandatory for your hospitals IT infrastructure.

Evaluation and Assessment

General Medical Group organization’s evaluation and assessment encompasses the review and assessment of strategy, operations, staffing, supply chain, revenue cycle, finance, medical staff issues and facility leadership. The analysis identifies organizational vulnerabilities and establishes goals, which also helps to create productivity initiatives and improve hospital efficiency.

Staff Acquisition and Retention

In order for any hospital to be successful, the right team players and leaders must be in place. With excellent industry relations, General Medical Group sources qualified physicians, executive management, supportive staff, medical staff, and administrative staff to the hospitals. We find the right candidate who will provide the quality of patient care that each of our communities expects. Our candidates bring values, integrity, initiative, respect, personal commitment, excellent performance and customer satisfaction to your hospital.

Physician Relations

General Medical Group has experience working with both physician practices and hospitals and health systems which provides us with a thorough understanding of physician and health system perspectives.  General Medical Group has very unique qualifications for assisting physicians and health systems with developing mutually beneficial and sustainable business relationships in our area of expertise which includes affiliation strategy development; physician organization development; identification of potential relationships; network divestitures; financial feasibility assessments; preparation of business plans; definition of appropriate organizational and economic affiliation structures; affiliation implementation; development of physician compensation plans within affiliation structures; enhancement of affiliation management and operations.


In order to retain market share and sustainability in today’s growing competitive healthcare industry, it is very important to move beyond the start up phase and develop strategic plans to grow and expand to keep up with ever demanding patient needs and industry trends. General Medical Group assists hospitals in understanding and developing strategies and action plans by studying and doing assessment of financial portfolios and finance strategy of the hospital.